Fumi and Friends - Just Films
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Fumi and Friends

About This Project

Format: Animated & live-action fantasy adventure 52 x 11-mins (3+) for Deaf and hearing children (in development)

Fumi and Kaya are best friends who use their imaginations and sign language to create extraordinary creatures who help them solve ordinary problems. The show is set in semi-rural Southern Africa and celebrates friendships with a diverse group of personalities from all over the world.


Project partners: SLED (Sign Language Education & Development)


Creators: Jayne Batzofin & Kerrin Kokot
Development Producer: Kerrin Kokot
Concept Artists: Roberto Pita, Terence Maluleke, Philipe Rios, Dani Malan
Texture Artist: Nikki Naidoo
Logo Designer: Vishaal Lalla
Consultants: Lorraine Alvarez Posen, Bruna Capozzoli


Thanks to TTRO, Cate Wood Hunter and the students of False Bay College.
Development funding awarded by the National Film and Video Foundation.