The Humble Boston Terrier -
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The Humble Boston Terrier

The Humble Boston Terrier

I have been the human companion to a Boston Terrier for 9 years. And since our initial meeting, I have never gotten a good night’s sleep. Why, you might ask? Because my dog snores. Oh boy, does she snore! And, when she is not snoring, she likes to tip-toe into the bedroom, peer over the edge of the bed and yawn in my face, with her dog breath. But the interrupted sleep is totally worth it.

Because living with a Boston Terrier means never a dull moment. Ever. They are fun, playful, loyal, sometime wilful and friendly little companions. You will never feel lonely with a Boston Terrier in your house. Not even in the bathroom – where she likes to sit on the bathroom matt while I apply my morning make-up, and other things…

And best of all: she always the most willing and obliging of models for test shoots. Georgie, you are the BEST!

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