Temzu Town - Just Films
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Temzu Town

About This Project

Format: A miniseries of 10 x 2-3 minute 2D animated episodes dubbed in multiple local languages.


Synopsis: Bupe, an academically bright but naive teen girl from a rural town, meets Omari, a confident but equally naive teen boy from the city – and sparks fly! Racing to learn everything they can about contraception without their conservative parents finding out, the couple faces confusing myths and stigmatisation as well as help from surprising allies. When Bupe misses her period they’re finally forced to face reality – and their parents.


An additional short led by Omari’s brother Nabeel explores sexual health for people with disabilities.


Broadcast: Tanzania, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Uganda via mobile distribution.


Client: DMI (Development Media International)


Cause: DMI ran a multi-media behaviour change campaign to improve the uptake of contraception by married and unmarried people across Eastern and Southern Africa. The campaign targeted some of the most vulnerable people in the region, providing them with critical information about sexual health and family planning services.  Just Films (Cape Town) and Mosaic Films (London) partnered to co-produce this animated mini-series which would be used by DMI during the campaign. Just Films conceptualised the story, setting and cast, produced the character and environment designs, scored and mixed the series with a team of creatives in Southern and Eastern Africa. Mosaic Films storyboarded and animated the series in London, including final compositing and mastering. As the series was distributed via mobile phone in rural areas, 3GP was used as the final delivering format.


Executive Producers: Kerrin Kokot, Andy Glynne
Producer, Script Editor, Co-director:
 Kerrin Kokot
Production Coordinator:
 Julia Zahner
Head Writer:
 Becky Ngoma
 Nswana-Esnat Mukwemba
Animation Director:
Salvador Maldonado
Head Character Designer:
Terence Maluleke
Character Designer:
 Simango Sibaya
Head Environment Designer:
 Marc Moynihan
Environment Designers:
 Caroline Vos, Matt Torode
Storyboard Artists:
Alex Clark, Ben Bowen, Max Loubaresse, Rhys Humphries
Layout Artists:
Jean Verge, Michael Logar
 João Carrilho, Julien Becquer, Nick Wade
 Corinne Ladeinde, Salvador Maldonado
Original Music Composition, Sound Design:
Keith Kavayi of Pressure Cooker Studios
Final Mix:
Pressure Cooker Studios
Amina Lukanza

DMI is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company registered in the UK, with programmes in nine countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. It uses evidence-based behaviour change campaigns to improve and save lives in low-income countries. DMI is utilising video and audio cards to reach audiences who do not have access to radio and TV as part of its role in the FCDO-funded Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) programme, which offers quality integrated and inclusive family planning and sexual and reproductive health services to marginalized and hard to reach populations: the poor, youth under 20 and people living with disability.