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How We Live

About This Project

Format: Documentary short film and series


Synopsis: How We Live is an intimate observation of the lives of three Capetonian families from different income groups who live and work in Cape Town. Each family is made up of people who love and care for each other. Each main character faces personal challenges within specific interpersonal, financial and geographical contexts. Monwa is grappling with the loss of his wife but can’t afford the gravestone he needs to put her memory to rest. Kelly and Janine want children but both women work long, tough, unpredictable hours. Liezel and Derek work hard to connect with their blended family while juggling high powered, executive careers. Watching each family allows the viewer to reflect on what really makes a happy life, and what this costs.


Genre: Observational documentary


Theme: Inequality, space, family and social dynamics


Project partners:


Our partners use the film as a case study and talking point to spark discussion around the question “is there a global living wage that enables people, organisations, and communities to prosper and thrive?”.


Producer, Director, Editor: Kerrin Kokot
Production Manager: Kerry Lassen
Production Assistants: Siyasanga Nkata, Octavia Sonyane
Director of Photography, Grade, Final Mix: Pascale Neuschäfer
Special thanks to Khalis Shamis.


Development funding by the National Film and Video Foundation.